Why Are You Wasting Money Trying To Advertise Your Business To Everyone?

You can now easily customize every promotion, offer or message and deliver it to only those who are most likely to buy…laser targeting your marketing efforts and making you more money.


As business owners we’ve all struggled with it…

As business owners we’ve all struggled
with it… Trying to create effective advertising that somehow appeals to everyone while blanketing your marketplace with a message you hope converts enough people to make you profitable… all while trying to minimize the money lost on failed campaigns, as you try to fine tune your marketing message.

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Bots Stealing Money

Are you making these common marketing mistakes?

  • Driving all of your potential customers, clients or patients to the same landing page or website with the same headline, lead or offer?
  • Investing in a retargeting campaign only to show the exact same message to every potential new client instead of showing them a message that appeals to their interests?
  • Blindly using direct mail sending the same mailer and offer to every zip code instead of focusing your efforts on the areas where your ideal customer lives?

The answer is probably yes, and the fact is you’re wasting a lot of money trying to reach those most likely to buy your product or service because 90% of those you are targeting don’t.
Have you ever wished you had the insight to know exactly what your ideal customers have in common?
Like Understanding…how they think, what media they consume and what their buying behavior is?
Would you like to spend less money as you bring in more business?


Let me ask you…

How much more effective do you think your marketing would be if every website, landing page, email or video you created was customized to the prospective customer, client or patient reading it?

What if every follow up message spoke directly to their needs, wants and desires, in language that compelled them to buy?

…and what if with every new prospect reached by your marketing campaign…your sales message got stronger and stronger, creating the ultimate marketing funnel?

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Now take it a step further...

…what if you had the ability to take every new lead and put them into a follow-up sequence that had the highest probability of converting them into a new client, customer or patient?

A follow-up sequence that was tailored to them and their buying criteria…

You’d make a lot more money and your return on investment for every advertising dollar would go up exponentially… wouldnt it?

Look…You don’t have the budget to waste money on ineffective advertising.

And there is nothing more devastating to a business than to spend money creating an ad, a killer offer or a compelling landing page with hopes of high conversion rates and a flood of new clients, customers or patients…only to have the majority click away without so much as giving you their email address…

It can put you out of business…

It makes advertising a crap shoot when you never know when a particular offer is going to convert…

…or if your message is resonating with your market at all.

Well…those days are over…

…because a new technology allows you to create the perfect offer, at the perfect time to your ideal prospect.

No more guessing if your marketing is relevant…because now you’ll know exactly how to customize your message for each unique visitor no matter who they are.

We’ve created software that allows you to segment your prospects by understanding key demographic and psychographic criteria allowing you to customize each and every message they see making all of your advertising more compelling.

It’s called Siphon…

…and it’s the most sophisticated real-time “traffic filtering” system you’ve ever seen.

Siphon allows you to direct customers to specific landing pages, lead pages, or follow up sequences, so your message is always laser targeted and ultra-specific to the prospect reading it.


If you’re tired of wasting money on advertising campaigns that simply don’t produce results then Siphon is for you…

If you want to create the most compelling advertising messages to the most qualified prospects then Siphon is for you...

…and if you want to maximize every dollar you spend with a predictable ROI then Siphon is definitely for you.

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People are inundated every day with sales messages… and they’ve become immune to most of them.

With Siphon you can craft every step of your marketing funnel as if you were speaking directly to your prospect… personally…

…because you are!

What kind of advantage would you have over your competitors if every promotion or follow up sequence was “tweaked” just right to appeal to a person’s specific desires, mind set and buying profile?

Understanding your ideal prospect and marketing specifically to them is the most effective way to acquire new customers, clients or patients.

It’s also the best way to convert them into raving fans.

...with Siphon you’ll be able to create and refine your own customer avatar in real-time, refining it with every new visitor that lands on your site… immediately!

Siphon will revolutionize all of your marketing and create predictable, consistent and qualified leads like nothing you’ve ever done.

You’ll know who to market to, where you can best reach them and exactly what messages are most likely to get them to pull out their credit card and buy from you.

That’s why I am inviting you to schedule a FREE DEMO so you can see just how powerful Siphon is…

On the DEMO you’ll learn…

  • The importance of clearly defining your customer avatar.
  • Why segmenting your marketing is so important and how to automate it.
  • How Siphon with its real-time learning can identify and segment those most likely to respond to your advertising.
  • How to Use Siphons reporting feature to customize your marketing for each unique demographic, allowing you to create powerful and specific sales messages.

Plus you’ll see how Siphon has transformed struggling businesses by allowing them to focus their marketing dollars on the prospective customers, clients or patients that are most likely to buy from you.

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, reduce your advertising costs all while converting more prospects than ever before…you’re ready for Siphon…

Reserve your spot below and see how much more profitable your business can be…

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